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2005. gada 20. jūnijs, 4:26 pm, 5 atsauksmes / pievienot vēl

I am the Superman – the great enemy of evil. I fight for goodness, fight for what's right. The super man with super powers. The super good against the bad behavior. I've always been the Superman.
When I was a boy, I wanted to be a fireman. Run through the flames with my super helmet. Pump up water and fight the fire. Halt flames and evil smoke. Smash things up with a big hammer and rescue all the good people, the proper citizens. I wanted to make my mom proud of me. She was my Superwoman.
I wanted to be the doctor. Fight against diseases with my knowledge. Make my mom immortal. Help everybody who's in trouble or feeling bad.
I wanted to be an officer, a policeman with a blue uniform. Put bad people into the jail and keep crime off the streets, chase gangsters with my super car and shoot them up with my bullets.
I wanted to be a great man. Like my father. A good man taking care of his loving family – wife and son. Come home every day after work and read a newspaper. Build a house in the countryside and go fishing.
Now I've got it all. Well, my wife doesn't love me anymore, but that's OK. I've got the other plans already. I have it all figured out. I am the Superman, fight against the bad. One day I'll fly away, like a butterfly. High up into the sky, and I'll touch the Sun.

Husky Rescue – The Good Man (9M, 7:52)

♪♬: somu Air

proud to be peevish: Ciba paziņoja, ka Tevi..

2005. gada 25. jūnijs, 11:36 am, atbildēt

Ciba paziņoja, ka Tevi varot šodien apsveikt :) Nu tad apsveicu ar', un lai katrs gads ir labāks par iepriekšējo :)))
Foršais džekiņš (petro, Varavīksne)

Foršais džekiņš: Pievienojos..

2005. gada 25. jūnijs, 7:34 pm, atbildēt

Pievienojos daudzgalvainajam apsveicēju pūlim b11000 dzīves gadu uzsākot!
Lasi starp rindiņām: Varavīksne
nenopietns cilvēks (pzrk)

nenopietns cilvēks: Sakarā ar nesen..

2005. gada 26. jūnijs, 12:38 am, atbildēt

Sakarā ar nesen pagājušo dzimšanas dienu, vēlos vēlēt vēl vienu viedu vārdu [lai nebūtu pavisam garlaicīgs vēlējums]. Sumināts!
zhuu (rikella)

zhuu: ;* svejcu

2005. gada 27. jūnijs, 1:47 pm, atbildēt

;* svejcu

: man Tevis pietrūkst...

2005. gada 29. jūnijs, 5:33 pm, atbildēt

man Tevis pietrūkst. come back