Ceturtdiena, 2005. gada 24. februāris

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2005. gada 24. februāris, 5:12 pm, 2 atsauksmes

“This is our new album, it’s not like our old one” claims the sticker on the cover of the second Lemon Jelly opus, and ’64-’95 is certainly a very different affair from the naïve vision that was running, until now, through the band’s releases. .. )

Lost Horizons was built atop a scaffolding of delicate rural soundscapes, with sweet acoustic samples and a hint of sun-kissed psychedelia. ’64-’95 is a much more aggressive affair, however, with a strong rock edge and a bevy of (comparatively) harder dance beats. It's a concept album of sorts, with the concept being that Lemon Jelly have been around since the early ’60s, and that this is their long-awaited greatest hits, spanning the years from 1964 to 1995. Appropriately, each track has a corresponding date, and each date gives you a hint as to just what kind of samples the group used in their composition. .. )

’64-’95 is more of a response to the twosome's previous effort, LemonJelly.KY; its diversity and range make it a much more serious album, though it still maintains a fair amount of humor and camp. The pair is patient with its beats, gradually embracing a style and blending it into its next cosmic vision. Being sampled by Lemon Jelly on this astonishing new album is nothing less than an honor.

From start to finish ’64-’95 is pretty much devoid of filler (the weaker tracks only being weak due to other songs being better) and it culminates in the wondrous epic “Go”, with the beat poet talents of William Shatner building to a crescendo that'll send anyone home with a smile on their face. Another great collection that isn't too radical a departure but doesn't rest on past successes, pushing Lemon Jelly forward at their own pace.

Katrā ziņā, albums ir brīnišķīgs, taču to nevar īsti salīdzināt ar LemonJelly.KY (2000) un Lost Horizons (2002), šis ir daauudz savādāks. Tas vairs nav sun-drenched dream pop. Tas ir smagāks, lai gan ir arī šis tas mierīgāks, kā Lost Horizons. Es dotu 4arpus zvaigznītes no 5ām. Man vien nav skaidrs, cik dziesmu īsti ir – deviņas vai desmit, jo pirmā it kā nemaz nav dziesma un nosaukums tai varbūt nemaz nav. Bet varbūt ir.

Laba daudz nevajag – viena dziesma. Šī dziesma ir kā.. Eh.. Nu, ja saliktu kopā Primal Scream un The Chemical Brothers, nedaudz piešpricējot Pink Floyd un Propellerheads, tad sanāktu kaut kas apmēram tāds.. Lemon Jelly – '88 aka Come Down On Me