Pirmdiena, 2005. gada 20. jūnijs

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2005. gada 20. jūnijs, 8:31 am, (bez komentāriem..)

Ain't you fed up with traveling around alone
Passing through so many different people?
When they try to tell you every day,
You are telling them the same
About what's good
And what's evil.
But take it easy one day you learn,
What is what for.
It won't trouble you anymore,
It won't trouble you.
(The Hobos – Thank You)

Stereophonics – I'm Alright (You Gotta Go There To Come Back) (6.34M, 4:37)

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2005. gada 20. jūnijs, 4:26 pm, 5 atsauksmes

I am the Superman – the great enemy of evil. I fight for goodness, fight for what's right. The super man with super powers. The super good against the bad behavior. I've always been the Superman.
When I was a boy, I wanted to be a fireman. Run through the flames with my super helmet. Pump up water and fight the fire. Halt flames and evil smoke. Smash things up with a big hammer and rescue all the good people, the proper citizens. I wanted to make my mom proud of me. She was my Superwoman.
I wanted to be the doctor. Fight against diseases with my knowledge. Make my mom immortal. Help everybody who's in trouble or feeling bad.
I wanted to be an officer, a policeman with a blue uniform. Put bad people into the jail and keep crime off the streets, chase gangsters with my super car and shoot them up with my bullets.
I wanted to be a great man. Like my father. A good man taking care of his loving family – wife and son. Come home every day after work and read a newspaper. Build a house in the countryside and go fishing.
Now I've got it all. Well, my wife doesn't love me anymore, but that's OK. I've got the other plans already. I have it all figured out. I am the Superman, fight against the bad. One day I'll fly away, like a butterfly. High up into the sky, and I'll touch the Sun.

Husky Rescue – The Good Man (9M, 7:52)

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