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2006. gada 9. jūnijs, 11:59 pm, (bez komentāriem..)

23:53:00 -!- kefx [[email protected]] has joined #metawire
23:53:02 <@optix> I agree.
23:53:03 <@durandal> hindu extremists
23:53:07 <@optix> kefx: hai
23:53:08 <appleseed> lol
23:53:10 <kefx> hai
23:53:14 <+zshzn> these guys have all been charged, and most of them just have the three terrorism charges, fresh ones by the 2001 law, and nothing else
23:53:22 -!- mode/#metawire [+o kefx] by optix
23:53:29 <@durandal> i mean if you believe you can't eat meat cause it could be a relative, but it's alright to kill muslims and buddhists living in india, you have issues
23:53:42 <appleseed> indeed
23:53:43 <@kefx> ty
23:54:13 <@durandal> maybe stalin was right
23:54:17 <@durandal> humans are retards
23:54:23 <@durandal> and need draconian order to keep in line
23:54:26 <@kefx> durandal: knowing nothing of your conversation, that comment is great