x-ƒ (x_f)

x-ƒ: The sum of all fears

2013. gada 28. februāris, 6:00 pm, 10 atsauksmes / pievienot vēl

17:36:28 <boru> My main gripe with twitter, besides the banal noise, is the fact that it reduces information to something a sentence long, which I think is starting to be something detrimental to society. People develop ADD and can't grok anythingthat's more than a setence in length. "tl;dr lololol"
17:37:21 <boru> It's like peerce says, the Internet has become a mile wide and an inch deep.
17:37:28 <boru> People read headlines, and nothing more.
17:38:15 <@ozzzy> we're lucky they read the headlines
17:38:19 <boru> For that reason, I don't think we're going to have any more Einsteins.
17:38:29 <Burninate> bullshit
17:38:33 <boru> Deep thought is dead.
17:38:46 <boru> If you can't summarise it in one sentence, it's "boring"

None of the Above (artis)

None of the Above: nav būtiskas..

2013. gada 5. marts, 9:08 pm, atbildēt

nav būtiskas starpības, IMHO. to pašu kritiku varētu piemērot arī IRC :) "People can't grok anythingthat's more than a setence in length." = i.e., dumb people with weak mechanisms of self-control, unable to deffer gratification. tas nav universāli, un varētu tikt attiecināts tikai uz cilvēkiem ar zemu IQ. kā zināms, IQ katru paaudzi pieaug.