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2014. gada 27. maijs, 5:24 am, atsauksmēm

The unified command of the NATO armed forces and the general staff of the Peoples Liberation Army of China have met in the city of Yekaterinburg and adopted the following declaration:

“’We have been observing the development of the Russian situation for a long time. We had waited for the leadership of this country to stop. But after Crimea followed the annexation of Donetsk and Luhansk, then of all the southeastern regions of Ukraine up to Odessa. Then were united to Russia Belarus, eastern Estonia and Northern Kazakhstan.

‘No one recalled any international agreements. Russia began literally to revive the USSR by joining to itself the territory of the new independent states.

‘The situation began all too clearly to recall that of the era of the Third Reich. Governments at that time also found it impossible to stop that regime and Austria, the Sudenland, Czechoslovakia, Poland and France fell under its sway … More precisely, the Third Reich was stopped only by the forces of a powerful global coalition. And today we have had to repeat this historical experience.

‘Russian imperial ideology must be condemned and banned as the Nazi ideology once was. For this, on the territory of the former Russian Federation, we are creating a regional confederation without a common capital. The Moscow Kremlin is being converted into an historical museum. (..)