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2014. gada 11. augusts, 3:39 pm, atsauksmēm

Youtube: Жириновский судьбу Украины решит только Путин и решение уже принято 8.08.2014

Why Viasat will not stop airing propagandist Russian channels — EN.DELFI

Viasat, one of the largest satellite television broadcasters in Lithuania, is owned by the Swedish media group MTG (Modern Times Group). In Lithuania, the Swedes also run TV3, TV6, and TV8 channels, and are the only foreign capital company to control Lithuanian TV channels on a national scale. In other words, it is a company that ensures Scandinavian transparency and neutrality, a counterbalance to the Lithuanian capital Lithuanian channels LNK, BTV, and Lrytas television.


And so, this is the picture that evolves: the transparent Swedish company MTG is neck-deep tied with the Kremlin structures and the close circle of President Putin, dwelling in the shelter of the National Media Group and the bank Rossiya.

Can you now imagine the course of events if any of MTG-owned entities decided to discontinue broadcasting the Kremlin channels?

This is how the story behind Viasat’s decision unfolds.

You say – the freedom of speech, independent experts. There is nothing personal here, it is just business. This is business in Russia, a land of infinite possibilities.

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