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Zum: Rindās pie kasēm esam atkal..

vakar, 8:03 pm, atsauksmēm

Rindās pie kasēm esam atkal sākuši jokot. Tā ir laba zīme.
efgaa (f_g)

efgaa: un atkal "Gulbju ezers"

5. aprīlis, 11:35 pm, atsauksmēm

None of the Above (artis)

None of the Above: Sanctions, Viruses, War & the Geopolitical Long Game - Dr. George Friedman

vakar, 2:43 pm, atsauksmēm

None of the Above (artis)

None of the Above: Raczki Crossing in Suwalki Gap, NATO Eastern Flank, Military Analysis (Video)

vakar, 2:19 pm, 1 atsauksme

Zum (zum)

Zum: Resnie Samauski tagad ļoti..

vakar, 1:28 pm, atsauksmēm

Resnie Samauski tagad ļoti garīgi bagāti jūtas. Rozā svārki no pārbagātības pārplīsuši pa šuvēm, vai kā nešķīstība sadedzināti.
None of the Above (artis)

None of the Above: "Kas notiek Baltijā?", Andres Kings ; no zviedru valodas tulkojusi Milda Kalnin̦a. [1974]

vakar, 8:59 am, atsauksmēm

lavendera (lavendera)

lavendera: Tāpat tiks satīti..

vakar, 9:44 am, 2 atsauksmes

Tāpat tiks satīti grozījumi noteikumos
None of the Above (artis)

None of the Above: "AECOB, approved in 1950, was..

aizvakar, 8:58 pm, 1 atsauksme

"AECOB, approved in 1950, was a vehicle for foreign intelligence (FI) operations into and within Soviet Latvia and involved infiltration and exfiltration of black agents and the recruitment of legally resident agents in the USSR, especially Latvia. ZRLYNCH was approved in 1950 for use of the Latvian Resistance Movement, which had been formed in 1944, as a vehicle for clandestine activities within the USSR. ZRLYNCH was renewed in 1952 as a part of AECOB, which then provided both FI and political and psychological (PP) activities. AECOB / ZRLYNCH PP project was terminated in 1955. AECOB FI project was terminated in 1959."

The REDBIRD / REDSOX operations involved the illegal return of defectors and emigres to USSR as agents. The REDSOX program against the Soviet Union adopted agent infiltration by parachute as the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) had practiced it in Europe during World War II. CIA then modified - one might say diluted - it, in deference to the impossibility of arranging the ground reception parties used by the OSS, in order to apply it against the Soviet Union, China, and North Korea. In this way, the covert infiltration of intelligence and covert action teams, mostly by air although occasionally overland or by sea, became an endurinq facet of the Clandestine Service's approach to the problem of penetrating closed societies.

As applied by the OSS, the practice later known as "black entry" enjoyed its most notable success with the Jedburgh operation, which after D-Day inserted teams of American and indigenous nationality to mobilize local resistance movements against the Nazis. They armed French resistance fighters, including over 20,000 combatants in Brittany alone, and these cut rail lines, derailed trains, ambushed German road convoys, and cut telephone and electric power lines.

AEBALCONY (1960-62) was designed to use U.S. citizens with Baltic language fluency in "mounted" and "piggy-back" legal traveler operations into Soviet-occupied Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

AEFREEMAN (1953-64), which included AEBASIN/AEROOT (1953-60), AEFLAG (1955-62), and AEPOLE (formerly AECHAMP (1949-59)), was designed to strengthen resistance to communism and harrass the Soviet regime in the Baltic countries. AEBASIN/AEROOT supported Estonian emigres and émigré activities aganist the Estonian SSR. AEFLAG was aimed at people of the Latvian SSR. AEPOLE (formerly AECHAMP (formerly BGLAPIN)) targeted the Lithuanian SSR. These projects provided intelligence and operational data from Baltic countries through radio broadcasts, mailing operations, liaison with emigre organizations, political and psychological (PP) briefings for legal travelers and exploitation of other media such as demonstrations.

AECOB, approved in 1950, was a vehicle for foreign intelligence (FI) operations into and within Soviet Latvia and involved infiltration and exfiltration of black agents and the recruitment of legally resident agents in the USSR, especially Latvia. ZRLYNCH was approved in 1950 for use of the Latvian Resistance Movement, which had been formed in 1944, as a vehicle for clandestine activities within the USSR. ZRLYNCH was renewed in 1952 as a part of AECOB, which then provided both FI and political and psychological (PP) activities. AECOB / ZRLYNCH PP project was terminated in 1955. AECOB FI project was terminated in 1959.

None of the Above (artis)

None of the Above: All-american boy Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

aizvakar, 7:27 pm, 1 atsauksme

None of the Above (artis)

None of the Above: "In a rare peek at official..

aizvakar, 5:09 pm, 7 atsauksmes

"In a rare peek at official thinking, James Bullard, president of the St. Louis Fed, told Bloomberg last week that the jobless rate could climb to 30% next quarter and that the economy could contract by 50%. That was not counting for the impact of hundreds of billions of dollars thrown at companies by Congress as support to hold on to their workers. But even so, private estimates after the legislation are similar — Goldman Sachs forecasts a 34% economic contraction and 13.2% unemployment in the second quarter, and Deutsche Bank 33% and 12%.

Although no one placed the forecasts in historical context, if we reach anywhere near those numbers, it will be far worse than the Great Recession, and nearly the magnitude of the Great Depression.

[..] In a recent piece in Foreign Affairs, Branko Milanovic, an economist at the City University of New York, describes a new global order characterized by such economic aloneness. It would be “a different world — deglobalization,” Milanovic said in an interview. In what he calls self-sufficient “natural economies,” countries would try to take care of all their needs themselves, and do business as little as possible with other countries. Milanovic foresees the potential for this future to cascade catastrophically: Economies would shrink, living standards would drop, and social glues could consequently break down, leading to the risk that those left jobless turn violent against people who are better off."

lavendera (lavendera)

lavendera: "Piezīme. Pēc personas..

aizvakar, 3:29 pm, 2 atsauksmes

"Piezīme. Pēc personas vēlēšanās uzvārdus ar izskaņām -eņš, -eņa latviešu literārajā valodā var rakstīt ar izskaņām -iņš, -iņa, piemēram:

Kūceņš - Kūciņš/Kūciņa"
None of the Above (artis)

None of the Above: “The foundations of world..

aizvakar, 1:38 pm, 7 atsauksmes

“The foundations of world peace are strengthening among all the civilised countries of the world,” Churchill said, “but there is one country that is outside these considerations, and that is Russia. Russia is incalculable, aloof and malignant.

All that line of small new States from the Baltic to the Black Sea are in lively apprehension of Russia. Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Rumania – every one is in great fear and anxiety about its neighbour.

All are strongly anti-Communist. They have gone through great internal stress and tension, and they have built themselves up on a Radical, democratic antithesis to Communism.

Позитивный человек (hmmm)

Позитивный человек (pajautaa): pirkumi LV interneta veikalos

aizvakar, 2:33 pm, 6 atsauksmes

Kādas NEpārtikas preces un cik lielos iepakojumos visbiežāk mēdzat pirkt LV interneta veikalos? Ar nepārtikas precēm domāju saimniecībai nepieciešamās (veļas pulveri, pamperi, tualetes papīrs, utt), ne telefonus vai datorus.
None of the Above (artis)

None of the Above: These weak small States,..

aizvakar, 1:23 pm, atsauksmēm

These weak small States, this long thin line, this cordon sanitaire, as it was called in France, was four or five months ago a, subject of the deepest anxiety to all who were concerned with the general problems of European policy, because when you see how weak they were, how short of food, how short of money, how deprived of permanent and well-established institutions or disciplined armies, or organised finances, it seemed almost impossible that, subverted as they were themselves to no inconsiderable extent by the general progress of Bolshevism going on just over their borders, they should withstand any fierce, general, organised attack coming from Russia, and that it would be necessary for the Allies to aid them powerfully, if not indeed with men, at any rate with large supplies of munitions and of money, and in every other way that was possible. These small States have stood. They are intact to-day. They have maintained their existence precariously. Quivering and shaking, but still standing, they have held back not only the Bolshevik armies but the more devastating Bolshevik propaganda which, applied to people in the depths of misery, just recovering from the convulsions of the War, without any of the resources of a civilised State, offers every temptation to internal disorder and anarchy.
None of the Above (artis)

None of the Above: Note to self

aizvakar, 1:00 pm, 1 atsauksme

Churchill's Secret War With Lenin: British and Commonwealth Military Intervention in the Russian Civil War, 1918-20

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Zum: Kā vakar gāju caur ciemu,..

aizvakar, 10:21 am, atsauksmēm

Kā vakar gāju caur ciemu, ta visus pasveicināju. Daži sikie centās izvairīties, tikpat pasveicināju. Nācas atņemt.
missalise (missalise)

missalise: Šodien izlasīju dizainera..

aizvakar, 9:10 am, 7 atsauksmes

Šodien izlasīju dizainera Ērika Karlsona rakstu par lietām, kuras interjerā redzam pārāk bieži.

Kā raksta cienījamais mākslinieks: "Dzeltenīgās, zaļganās, rozīgās krasās telpā, lai "siltāk un mājīgāks". "Izskatās tizli, citu komentāru man nav."

Vispār izrādījās, ka man ir vesela plejāde no nosauktajām lietām. Gaiši glancēti skapīši un gaiši dzeltenas tapetes. :)

Mani secinājumi? Ja jūs patiešām esat izdarījuši pareizo izvēli, tad nekādi "speciālistu" viedokļi nemainīs jūsu domas. :) Man joprojām mana virtuvīte sagādā tikai pozitīvas emocijas. Mode nomainīsies simts reizes - vienu laiku tas, kas jums patīk, tiks atzīts par labu esam, pēc tam nosaukts par tizlu un bezgaumīgu. Un pēc kāda laika - atkal modernu. Bet - kamēr jums tas patīk un vieš pozitīvas emocijas - turieties pie tā un veidojiet savu interjeru un dzīvi no tā, kas patīk un der tieši Jums. :)
Zum (zum)

Zum: Vēlāk budzene aizdzins..

5. aprīlis, 7:14 pm, atsauksmēm

Vēlāk budzene aizdzins vīru darbos, aizvilka krēslu pie mājas piesaulē un pati apgūlās. Tā to budzi īsti neapskatījos.
Zum (zum)

Zum: Te nu bija. Kamēr saposos,..

5. aprīlis, 2:08 pm, atsauksmēm

Te nu bija. Kamēr saposos, resnā budzene izauļoja ārā un sāka dot nabagam norādījumus par žoga remontu.
Zum (zum)

Zum: Jaunais lielsaimnieks sauļo..

5. aprīlis, 1:57 pm, atsauksmēm

Jaunais lielsaimnieks sauļo savu pliko pauri sētsvidū. Jāiet nopētīt kā īsti izskatās īsts budzis entajās paaudzēs.
Zum (zum)

Zum: Trīs jaunieši barā..

4. aprīlis, 9:06 pm, 1 atsauksme

Trīs jaunieši barā nogāja. Neizskatījas ģimene.
aardark (aardark)

aardark (iztulko): Expelliarmus

4. aprīlis, 4:20 pm, 3 atsauksmes

Varbūt kāds zina, kā Expelliarmus ir iztulkots Harija Potera grāmatās latviski?

The Disarming Charm (Expelliarmus) is a charm that forces whatever an opponent is holding to fly out of their hand.
mtldd (mtldd)

mtldd (pajautaa): privāts pasākums

4. aprīlis, 2:18 pm, 17 atsauksmes

kā jums šķiet, kas ir saprotams ar 4.5.5 punktā minētajiem "privātajiem pasākumiem"? kur ir tā robeža, kad kādu darbību var uzskatīt par privātu pasākumu? pagaidām nekādu precizējumu neatrodu.

vai, piemēram, grupa, kas reizi nedēļā privātās telpās sanāk uz mēģinājumu jau klasificējas kā "privāts pasākums"? vai vakariņas nelielā draugu lokā savās mājās?

efgaa (f_g)

efgaa: un atkal atnāca rīts..

4. aprīlis, 10:59 am, atsauksmēm

Iepriekšējā diennaktī veikti 1182 izmeklējumi personām ar aizdomām par saslimšanu ar Covid-19, infekcija apstiprināta 16 cilvēkiem. Latvijā kopā veikti 19380 izmeklējumi, infekcija apstiprināta 509 personām.
29 pacienti stacionēti, tai skaitā 26 ar vidēju slimības gaitu, 3 ar smagu slimības gaitu (Nacionālā veselības dienesta dati)
lavendera (lavendera)

lavendera: Vēbera rokoperas, tas gan ir..

3. aprīlis, 10:15 pm, 4 atsauksmes

Vēbera rokoperas, tas gan ir forši!

nelabrit: remdeni aprīlī

3. aprīlis, 10:12 pm, atsauksmēm

Tā nebija mīlestība. Ar mīlestību saprotot visu romantiku, kurai pieder šokolādes konfektes un satikšanās tikai uz kafiju. Nenotika nekādas atkailināšanās vienam pret otru ne fiziski, ne garīgi. Ne tādā līmenī, lai kādam vajadzētu pēkšņi uzticēt viena otra noslēpumu. Tas nebūt nenotika Francijā. Viņi nedzēra šampanieti.
nenopietns cilvēks (pzrk)

nenopietns cilvēks: apdeits: we are no longer doomed

3. aprīlis, 8:09 pm, 14 atsauksmes

Atsaucoties uz iepriekš rakstīto, šodien apmainījos ar daudziem pieklājīgiem e-pastiem ar inbokšiem, esmu atkal kļuvis par apmaksātu lietotāju (jipī!). Mans kautrīgais un uzvedinošais jautājums par komentāriem diemžēl vēl nav atradis dzirdīgas ausis (bū!).

Bet labā ziņa ir tā, ka Inbokss mūs nav pametis, par to mēs varam pacelt glāzes otroreiz! (jipī!)

Upd.: ā, un man nācās manu peijpala maksājumu novirzīt inbokša+ pastkastes iegādei. Tagad domāju, ko tādu varētu sastrādāt ar savu jauno spīdīgo inbokša pastkasti. Varbūt kāds grib saņemt e-pastu no manis?

Upd. nr. 2: izrādās, mēs varam pacelt glāzes arī trešoreiz – arī par salabotajiem komentāriem e-pastā (jipī!).
Zum (zum)

Zum: Četras lapeles ar lieliem..

3. aprīlis, 6:44 pm, atsauksmēm

Četras lapeles ar lieliem burtiem trīs mēnešus bija jāsacer? Varbūt kāds trīs mēnešus visas liekās muļķības svītrojis ārā. Kauns palicis.
Zum (zum)

Zum: Atnāca Ziemassvētkos..

3. aprīlis, 6:25 pm, atsauksmēm

Atnāca Ziemassvētkos sastādītais palīdzības plāns bērnam. Trīs mēneš pagājuši. Tik slinki palikuši, ka bail. Sākumā šivirēja, ka acis no dobumiem spiedās ārā.
Liene (liene)

Liene (pajautaa): jautājums datorgudriniekiem..

3. aprīlis, 1:35 pm, 22 atsauksmes

jautājums datorgudriniekiem - kas varētu būt par iemesliem tam, ka laptops, pieslēgts pie strāvas, pa laikam met ārā paziņojumu "low battery" (reizēm arī vnk izmet uz ekrāna "locking") un slēdzas ārā? Baterija visu laiku turēja ap pusotru stundu, bet vienā dienā pārtrauca lādēties un cauri.

Jā, nav jauns. Jā, ir bijušas problēmas iepriekš.
Šobrīd vnk ir galīgi neaļo pirkt jaunu, tāpēc gribu saprast, vai šis ir kas labojams vai tomēr nav variantu.

efgaa (f_g)

efgaa: Ikrīta statistika. Pirmais upuris

3. aprīlis, 10:46 am, 6 atsauksmes

Jaunā koronavīrusa izraisītā slimība Covid-19 pēdējā diennaktī apstiprināta vēl 35 cilvēkiem, bet kopumā ar to valstī saslimuši 493 cilvēki, liecina Slimību profilakses un kontroles centra (SPKC) apkopotā informācija.
Iepriekšējā diennaktī veikti 1364 izmeklējumi personām ar aizdomām par saslimšanu ar Covid-19, bet līdz šim kopumā Latvijā veikti 18 198 Covid-19 testi.
Stacionēts 31 Covid-19 pacients, tajā skaitā 28 ar vidēju slimības gaitu, bet trīs - ar smagu.
Latvijā konstatēts pirmais Covid-19 slimnieka nāves gadījums.

mmd: Brookings ielika vienu linku..

3. aprīlis, 12:09 am, 6 atsauksmes

Brookings ielika vienu linku uz video - fakti VS histērija (vai kaut kas tamlīdzīgs). Bija interesanti dzirdēt citu viedokli, bet faktu vietā vairāk pieņēmumu, dažiem neticu, vairākiem nepiekrītu. Nu nevar būt tā, ka visa pasaule sadodas rokās lai man un Tev, un mums būtu slikti.

Vakarā māsa rādija grafiku - skaitļi miljons vārdu vietā ... Apskatījos, pateicu - fake news, neticu. Sāku meklēt avotu - neatradu, iedziļinājos skaitļos - nenoticeju. Nu nav tā, ka Ņujorkā 4x vairāk cilvēku mirst.

Cilveki palikuši izklaidīgāki. Krēslas stunda divas automašīnas brauca bez gaismām. Un, manuprāt, cilveki (manā sfērā) tik ļoti gaidīja krīzi, ka tagad atviegloti nopūšas - es taču teicu, ka būs. Un ir. Un tagad var atkal uzrotīt piedurktnes un rakt.

Man nāk virsū depresija.
efgaa (f_g)

efgaa: Staatsoper unter der Linden. »Schwanensee«

2. aprīlis, 10:57 pm, atsauksmēm

None of the Above (artis)

None of the Above: minority shareholder in HRC-5 was controlled by three Latvian PEPs; who were those PEPs?

2. aprīlis, 5:10 pm, atsauksmēm

"Swedbank Estonia and Swedbank Latvia actively pursued these high risk customers as a business strategy.

[..] Swedbank Latvia customers used an online banking platform to initiate 522 outgoing Subject Transactions, totaling approximately $4.43 million, of which 507 such outgoing Subject Transactions between 30 December 2014 and 30 December 2016, amounting to approximately $4.26 million, involved three shipping customers domiciled in offshore jurisdictions that had accounts at Swedbank Latvia but whose owner appeared to operate these companies from Crimea. The remaining 15 outgoing Subject Transactions from accounts at Swedbank Latvia appeared to involve non-sanctioned customers who were temporarily located in Crimea or Iran or payments by non-sanctioned customers to counterparties in Crimea. We also identified one incoming Subject Transaction for $5,970 to an individual customer of Swedbank Latvia who had a residency address in Crimea.

Apparent OFAC-Sanctioned Customers of Swedbank Latvia:

One non-SDN company wholly-owned by an SDN under the Russia/Ukraine-related sanctions

Five individuals who appeared to reside in Crimea during a relevant time period

One individual who appeared to reside in Iran during a relevant time period

Two individuals who appeared to reside in Syria during a relevant time period

This report further explained that the majority of the beneficial owners for the corporate non-resident customers in Estonia and Latvia were of Russian and Commonwealth of Independent States (“CIS”) origin; these Russian and CIS customers favored Hansabank since the 1990s “[d]ue to geographical proximity, political situation and volatile economic situation in Russia[,] and high standards of banking services in [the] Baltics. According to this report, these Russian and CIS companies associated with a proxy network, and payments between 2010 and 2013 to offshore companies allegedly linked to payments to associates of a former Ukrainian President.

A manager within Swedbank Latvia’s GSI unit reported that Swedbank Latvia maintained relationships with these customers despite inadequate KYC information. Swedbank Latvia also attributed the growth of its HRNR business to a Latvian “residence permit program” that, until 2016, gave foreigners temporary residency permits if they invested in Latvian real estate.

Contemporaneous exchanges between an AML officer and employees from Swedbank Latvia’s Non-Resident Banking Unit—at that time, a unit comprised of about ten full-time employees (including RMs) housed within Private Banking—reflect an effort to build a “short list” of existing customers to present for authorization under the Decree’s exception provision. The latest identified version of the “short list,” dated 25 September 2007, identified 36 customers for review. The Investigation has identified that of these 36 customers, five were closed in 2007, an additional three were closed in 2008 and Swedbank Latvia continued its relationships with the remaining 28 customers until their accounts were closed by the end of 2016.... tālāk ... )
None of the Above (artis)

None of the Above: How to Invest in the Crisis

2. aprīlis, 1:46 pm, 1 atsauksme

Hedera helix L. (hedera)

Hedera helix L. (iztulko): Varbūt kāds zina idiomu..

2. aprīlis, 1:45 pm, 13 atsauksmes

Varbūt kāds zina idiomu angļu valodā ar līdzīgu nozīmi šai: "Veca dziesma jaunās skaņās."